about Kayla

My home base is Utah and I love it here!

Me n' my guy Dylan spend a lot of time outdoors, traveling, chasing sunsets, getting lost, enjoying a day hiking our hearts out or spending a whole one just lounging in the hammock. No matter where we are you’ll always see me with a camera in hand taking way too many pictures...

photo by @Kali Poulsen Photography

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• I have a twin brother... no we're not identical ;)


• My go to coffee order = iced latte 


• Favorite bands include The Beatles + My Morning Jacket


• Don't ask me how many Polaroid cameras I own, because I don't keep count...

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photos by @Kali Poulsen Photography

About my style

I’ve been photographing couples for 6 years (starting to feel old guys). About 3 years ago I shot my first roll of film and have been hooked ever since. I love natural light and consider myself a hybrid photographer - meaning I shoot both digital and film.


I have a never ending list of locations saved up from all of my travels and love to take couples to these places to shoot. However, I always recommend picking a location that is meaningful to you first. If you don’t have that place I’d love to show you a new one and create something special together.


What's important to me

Something that I’ve found really important over the years is creating a friendship with my clients that will last. Yes, I will be there to capture those classic photos of you looking at the camera, but I will also be there to get all the unscripted stuff too. The part where you bust out laughing (probably at my bad jokes) and the part where you get all emotional when you look around and realize how beautiful life is in that moment.

Real life behind the scene snaps
xo    Kayla, Dylan + Shorty

photo by @Grace Barr

Wedding Photographer

film lover

adventurous soul

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