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Moab Cliffside Elopement at Sunset | Sarah + Jared Part 2

Moab Cliffside Elopement

As promised here is part two of Sarah + Jared's adventure of a lifetime in Moab - and you're not gonna want to miss this! I might be biased, but nothing beats busting down a bumpy dirt road to the middle of nowhere to your ceremony location! Check out all the details below:

Flowers are DIY provided by Flower Moxie

This blog is a mix of digital and film photos:

Film Photo Scans by The Find Lab

Enjoying these film photos?!

(above 35mm film)

(Below instant film)

If you love these and want to see more you can see my full film gallery <<<here>>>

View my all Polaroid Gallery HERE

This Elopement took place on BLM land - To learn more about eloping in Moab on BLM land (and all other locations) view my blog here


Moab Photography Packages

Interested in booking a session, wedding or elopement in Moab? You've come to the right place! Moab holds a special place in my heart and I love to share my knowledge with all of my couples who choose to tie the knot here. I can't wait to connect with you!!!


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