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Salt Lake City, Utah Red Butte Gardens Wedding | Julie + Meagan

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Meagan and Julie have been more like friends then clients and I can't say enough great things about them both! When their wedding day came it was really special to witness and I couldn't be happier for them both. We did this little Q & A almost one year after their big day and I love sharing all of these fun answers with you all. Enjoy!

Q:How did you guys meet?

A: Meagan and I worked at a Lutheran summer camp in Ohio together and met one summer and then started dating the second summer we worked together! We did long distance for three years and then I moved to Utah, and the rest is history!

Q:Who said "I love you first"?

A: When we started dating, Meagan was one of my best friends. I'm the kind of person who tells my friends often that I love them. I told her I refused to stop telling her I loved her when we started dating just because our relationship had changed. Because of that, we never really had a 'monumental' moment of finally saying 'I love you' because I never stopped!

Q:Julie's Favorite part about your wedding day?

A: My favorite part of the wedding day was probably the time after the ceremony where we snuck off with Kayla to take pictures/portraits and we just got to relish in all the joy of finally being married--just the two of us--and celebrating with so many of our loved ones!

Q:Meagan's Favorite part about your wedding day?

A: Meagan's favorite part of the wedding day was the ceremony, getting to say our vows in front of all our family and friends.

Q: Tell us what marriage means to you / how things have changed since you tied the knot

A: For us, not a lot changed after getting married. We were already living together and raising two dogs, and not much changed as far as lifestyle after the wedding. However, for us, marriage means choosing one another day after day. And in all of the wildness that has been 2020, we have gotten the chance to continue to choose each other in an intentional way since then. Being married has changed nothing, and also somehow everything.

Q:How did you pick your location? I know you both love Red Butte, have you been able to go back any time recently?

A:We looked at a lot of wedding venues, but Red Butte Garden has always been special to us. It's the perfect combination or beautiful and accessible since we chose to have a slightly bigger wedding with a lot of out-of-towners. We have been back a few times since the wedding, and love to go to the spot where we said our vows and just soak it in. We actually went today on our anniversary!

Q:Will you do anything special for your anniversary or start a tradition?

A: We got a cabin up in Midway just to get away from normal life for a little bit and enjoy fall up in the mountains. We visited the gardens today as we headed back home. We aren't sure if any of those things will become a tradition, but we want to make sure that we spent time every year getting away and celebrating our love in some way.

Q:Anything new and exciting coming up next for you guys as you go into your second year of marriage?

A: We are thinking about a lot of things--expanding our family with more dogs or in other ways ;), and dreaming about either buying a home or building a tiny home. For us, it's all about the next thing we can look forward to--whether that's a trip to Moab or big dreams or changes for our little family.

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