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Utah based photographer

for couples that LOVE the outdoors



Guess what?! I'm not Just a photographer! I'm your wingwoman, Your professional third wheel, and the person you can come to with any questions you have to plan the most bad ass wedding day of all time.

I spend most of my time in Utah, but I travel all over to photograph couples in their favorite place.


Mountains, deserts, salt, sand, waterfalls

you name it and I'll meet you there!

Polaroid photo of couple sitting on a jeep in Great Basin National Park
Timeless - Innovative  - Epic

I do things a little differently around here.

I am a Hybrid Photographer - I know you're like "what the heck is that?"

Basically it means I shoot (photographs) with digital and film / analog cameras.​

I promise I will show up to your wedding with 6 cameras simply because I don't know which ones I will want in the moment. Something I've learned from experience is that every shoot, every wedding day (big or small) are different. Period. One thing you can count on if you choose me as your photographer is to deliver images that will last a lifetime. 

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Jorge + Alyssa

Kayla was the best decision we made when it came to our elopement!


Katie + Alex

Kayla took care of all of our wedding photos and more! You won’t be disappointed if you hire Kayla!


Kristen + Ryan

It’s obvious she has a true passion for her craft and puts her whole heart into it start to finish. She is the real deal - You can totally trust her with your big day!

you. are. welcome. here.

I want you to know I welcome and celebrate all love here. 

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Let's go on a adventure together!

Want to know where to find me? I'm based in Salt Lake City, but you can find me all over the great state of Utah and beyond

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