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2019 Instagram End of the Year Round Up

To all my social media lovers out there, here are my favorite posts from both of my Instagram accounts! I hope you enjoy taking a look back at 2019 as much as I did!

@withloveut + @kaylabert

January 18th // Salt Lake City, Utah

Surprise! It’s my face 🤪 TGIF friends. #fridayintroductions coming at ya with 5 things you may or may not need to know about me  1. Zodiac sign - Cancer 🦀  2. Go to coffee order - i’m a sucker for a good Latte 3. Tattoos: One (I have a matching twin tattoo with my brother) 🌙 4. Where I want to travel in 2019 -Alaska ... who has tips? 5. Fav TV shows - Greys Anatomy + The Office (don’t hate...)

February 26th // Sequoia National Park, California

one of my favorites from Cayne + Anne’s elopement last fall 🧡

March 1st // Salt Lake City, Utah

finally feeling like spring outside but it’s also suppose to snow tomorrow, so who even knows 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just a few short months until these two tie the knot and i can’t wait to celebrate with them 🎉

April 5th // Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Hillary + Jeremiah set out on the most epic Utah road trip this week (i’m kinda jealous..) 19 degree sunrise session included with yours truly. When that sun peeked over the hoodoos it felt SO GOOD!

April 5th // Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce at sunset! Never disappoints 💙 3/31/19

April 19th // Moab, Utah

Terry + Gabby enjoying a moment right after saying “I DO” Tuesday morning in Moab. We drove out to our location bumping down a dirt road in the dark, once we arrived Gabby touched up her makeup and helped Terry put on his boutonnière. It was such a gorgeous morning I can’t wait to share more 🧡

Dream team: Planned by: @popupido Photographer: @withloveut Videographer: @shailynnphotoandfilm Florist: @lilly.and.iris Ribbon: @heyitsohsopretty

May 24th // Yosemite National Park, California

one year i miss this place

May 20th // Salt Lake City, Utah

had to post one more (for now) from this amazing May wedding!  Did they luck out on the weather or what?! Maybe it’s because René kept saying “it’s probably gonna rain on our wedding day” over and over again until me and Adriana wanted to punch him 🙊🤪 #5112019

June 4th // Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona

I’d say the 3 AM wake up call was worth it... what do you think? Although, to be honest I’m pretty sure the only one actually up at that time was Marisa.. Rob and I took a bit longer to roll out of bed LOL

June 6th // Salt Lake City, Utah

Gina + Justin 💙 sometimes you can’t decide what picture to post so you just post a bunch... swipe 👉🏻 to see their film double exposure

June 7th // Arches National Park - Moab, Utah

I just love when couples book anniversary adventures with me 🧡

It was overcast this morning so we got a little extra time to climb on the rocks in @archesnps ... I may or may not have had to force myself to stop shooting so Ian + Nicole could hit the road after a weekend of mountain biking in Moab. Ironically enough we will both be back in Moab this weekend! Hope to run into you guys on the trail

June 11th // Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona

love that moment the light starts to fill the canyon 😍

it was definitely “weird” coming back here after 3 years with the new construction but overall I think it’s great, and will be even better when the handicap accessible trail is complete! Part of me still misses the dirt parking lot tho...

June 12th // Moab, Utah

Elly + Evan checking out the sunset views in their backyard ... no big deal

June 18th // Moab, Utah

Love when it’s time for a champagne & cake break during elopements 🥂 🍰

June 19th // Arches National Park - Moab, Utah

Barefoot bride in the desert with her guy! One of my favorite combos 🧡  This was technically their anniversary session, but Nicole being the babe she is asked if she could put on her wedding dress for a second look and I was like “UHHH DUH!”

June 28th // Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona 

Rob + Marisa 🖤

I was so excited when I got these scans back I couldn’t stop looking at them!!! As Dylan would say I was “tooting my own horn” sorry not sorry 🤪

June 30th // Sprial Jetty - Corrine, Utah

Spiral Jetty 🌀June, 29 2019 (Birthday Post!)

July 1st // Moab, Utah

anybody remember what color this little plant guy was from my stories a few weeks ago? I can see it vividly in my head... #blackandwhitefilm

July 7th // Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah

Day dreaming about this elopement at the dunes 🧡  Saved this pose for last so Dave + Amy could just slide down the other side of the dune right after, needless to say we were all covered in pink sand with big smiles and happy hearts!

July 12th // Horseshoe Bend - Page, Arizona  

When Marisa and i first met we both discovered our love for old cameras so it seemed fitting to use my Polaroid at her session 💕 swipe 👉🏻 to see

July 14th // Salt Lake City, Utah

Lil sneak peek from Jason + Natalie’s elopement Friday night in the mountains 💞  Planned by: @popupido Photographer: @withloveut Videographer: @shailynnphotoandfilm

July 14th // Moab, Utah

These two are celebrating their ONE YEAR wedding anniversary today & i can’t help but reminisce about their gorgeous wedding! ✨Check out the blog today to see their Wedding Gallery (linked in the bio DUH)

July 20th // Moab, Utah 

Moose sandwich!!! Not sure how impressed he was LOL 🐶 swipe right to see a Polaroid that looks straight out of the old west

July 22nd // Moab, Utah 

Nicole + Ian celebrating their anniversary in one of 2000+ arches in @archesnps 🧡

August 7th // Vernal Falls - Yosemite National Park, California

Another amazing @mymorningjacket concert in the books ... had to pull this one from the archives 📍Vernal Falls, Yosemite NP 2018 Portra 400 / 35mm

August 22nd // Uinta National Forest, Utah

When your wedding day ends with a cool off in creek you know it’s been THE BEST day! Congrats Aj + Makayla 💛

Dream team 👇🏻 Planned by: @popupido Photographer: @withloveut Videographer: @shailynnphotoandfilm Floral: @rachelosguthorpe HMUA: @sarahhickenartistry

August 23rd // Logan, Utah

Happy Friday friends! Here’s a little updated photo of me n my guy (he’s kinda the best!) I know it’s not the norm but i’m here to say you DONT have to wait until you’re engaged or married to get your love documented... I know i’m spoiled as a photographer, but what are you waiting for? Comment below and tell me what you think 👇🏻 📸 by @kalipoulsenphotography

August 27th // Uinta National Forest, Utah

The details ✨

People always ask me why I shoot film and the answer is simple “it makes me happy” - I can’t stop looking at this scan I got back yesterday... a photo that I forgot I took, seeing this brought me right back to this moment. Not to mention I somehow bought and used a different film stock without even knowing 🖤

September 22nd // Uinta National Forest, Utah

Wedding hangover kicking my butt today, but how can i even be mad?!! Can’t wait to share more from last night but still can’t believe i didn’t share my favorite shot from this gallery i’m working on today... that light and their love ✨💛

September 23rd // Salt Lake City, Utah

Mrs + Mrs Benedetto!

Julie and Meagan has the most amazing & heartfelt wedding day in Salt Lake City! They started by reading hand written letters to each other in this gorgeous meadow 💛

October 2nd // Hanskville, Utah 

Weird Hanksville thingz from this past weekend 👽

October 10th // Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 

Got to meet up with Amanda + John on their epic Utah road trip to celebrate their two year anniversary!!! 🧡  we decided to meet before dark so we could catch the sunrise + this amazing light on those hoodoos! We came prepared to freeze our butts off with 24 degree temps, but i have to say it was refreshing! Best way to start your day if you ask me! Any other sunrise lovers out there?!

October 11th // Salt Lake City, Utah 

Maggie + Jacob!!! ✨ They had the most love filled day last Saturday with their crew and i’m so happy i was there to document every moment with my right hand girl @erin.kphoto Also, best wedding playlist goes to this couple! when you have Les Mis and “All I Want For Christmas” mixed in on the dance floor you know it’s gonna be a party!

October 12th // Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah 

hoodoo’s as far as the eye can see 👀 🤤

December 4th // Park City, Utah

Those just married vibes!!! Big congrats Carson & Elizabeth ❄️ These two traded their Arizona desert for this winter wonderland in Park City for their dream elopement. I can’t wait to share more with you all

Planned by @popupido Video (coming soon) @shailynnphotoandfilm Florals @rachelosguthorpe

December 4th // White Sands National Park, New Mexico 

Something about this image just draws me in ✨

December 7th // Salt Lake City, Utah 

I looked at the calendar today and i honestly can’t believe it’s December 7th !!! This year has just flown by.. here is one of my favorite photos i’ve taken this year 🧡

December 24th // Grand Teton National Park - Jackson, Wyoming

James + Catie are engaged!!! I had so much fun with these two in Jackson, even if we froze our butts off... we had to take a few breaks to warm up in the car but it was worth it!

December 24th // Grand Teton National Park - Jackson, Wyoming

two sunsets ago in Jackson. First set on my new camera (merry christmas to me) and last set of the year! those colors tho 🤤


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