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Best Mountain Elopement Locations in Utah

Updated: Mar 1

Mountain Elopement locations near Salt Lake City, Utah

In this blog I'm going to go over the logistics for my personal favorite Mountain Locations near Salt Lake City, Utah for your Elopement or small wedding.

  • Church of Dirt, Park City

  • Uinta Mountains

  • Big Cottonwood Canyon

  • Sundance / Provo Canyon

Church of Dirt, Park City Utah

What you need to know:

This make shift wedding venue is perfect for small weddings, and most importantly, perfect for the adventurous couple. The reserving system is based on the "Honor System" - that's right! To officially reserve your date and time you need to head to the location yourself and place an object (like a rock or piece of wood) with your names and wedding date written on it. There is also a book you will need to write a little bit more info in, including your phone number in case another couple needs to contact you.

Don't forget you'll need to practice Leave No Trace when using this as your wedding venue.

Tips on how to Leave No Trace on your wedding day:

  • Plan ahead and prepare

  • Dispose of waste properly

  • Leave what you find

  • Be considerate of others

Get creative as you want with your reservation sign - see examples below:

If you're from out of town and interested in getting married at the Church Of Dirt - contact me HERE and I can arrange to "reserve" your date and time.

Uinta Mountains - Mirror Lake Highway

The Uinta Mountains are a subrange of the Rocky Mountains near Kamas, Utah and just about 100 miles east of Salt Lake City. The highest point is Kings Peak coming in at just over 13K Ft - this is also the highest point in Utah.

Best known for the scenic byway Mirror Lake Highway it's the perfect getaway from the city from Late May / Early June to Mid - late October when the road closes. Mirror Lake Highway is a paved highway and stretches 42 miles through mountains and forest, from Kamas, Utah, to Evanston, Wyoming.

This area is popular for fishing, hiking, backpacking, horse packing, hunting and other outdoor activities. So, if you want to include any of these activities on your wedding day this may be a good option for your big day.

Surpisingly enough, a permit is not required to Elope or have a small wedding in this area. However, if you plan to have 15+ guests, big set ups or props we will need contact a ranger to let them know about the event.

Wildflower Uinta Elopement Inspiration

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City

Sundance, Provo Canyon

Want to see even more inspiration? Check out these real weddings below:

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