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Boho Flower Filled Wedding in Millcreek Canyon, UT | Taylor + Brittany

Vendor Shout Outs

From the couple:

How they met Taylor and I met on Tinder in June of 2017. I had moved home for the summer and neither of us had any intention of getting in a relationship. Little did we know we would be married almost 5 years later!

The proposal A couple of weeks before we got engaged Taylor’s brother that works at Hogle zoo told us he “won and elephant encounter” and asked if we wanted the tickets instead because elephants are my favorite animal. I was so excited for 2 weeks and told everyone I knew that I got to meet the elephants at the zoo. The day finally came and I was so excited to meet the elephants and have them paint a picture for us! We got to the zoo and Taylor’s brother took us for a quick tour, we ate some lunch and then it was time! The elephant keeper had the canvas set up and Chrissy the elephant started her painting. After all the paint was used the zookeeper turned the canvas to us and said “how does this look?!” Except the canvas wasn’t there but a poster that said “Brittany will you marry me?!” was. I was so shocked that I didn’t even register what happened. I though Tay bent down to tie his shoe but really he was down on his knee asking me to be his forever. Through tears and laughter I said “of course!! Put the ring on me!!” Taylor then turned me around and all of our closest family members were there watching the whole thing happen!

From the couple continued...

Special moments Our entire wedding was the highlight of the day! It was the perfect day surrounded by our family and friends. One of the best moments was the dance party after the ceremony and dinner. It was everything we had wanted our wedding to be.

Advice for other couples Your wedding is entirely about what you and your significant other. Plan your wedding for you and no one else.

Biggest surprise The biggest surprise of the day was just how much fun everyone had. Our biggest fear was having a wedding that people left early from or were super bored at.

and last but not least - The Polaroids

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