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Grand Teton National Park Adventure Session | Justin + Baylee

Updated: Feb 13, 2022


Today's the BIG DAY for these two to tie the knot! We are here in Tulum, Mexico for their intimate wedding ON THE BEACH!

Can you believe these two just celebrated their 10 Year Anniversary?

Enjoy this set from their engagement session in Jackson Hole at Grand Teton National Park. This blog is a mix of digital and film images!

Interested in having your photos taken in Grand Teton National Park?

Here's what you need to know:

It's all about the Tetons! I mean how can you go wrong with these beautiful mountains as your backdrop?! It may come to a surprise, but this shoot (and most photo shoot locations) aren't technically "in the National Park" the most popular locations for photos are just right outside of the park on US HWY 26

Grand Teton National Park Guide

Getting there: Odds are your home base will be in the town of Jackson and if it's not then you will most likely head to town for some amazing food! The drive to the park (and surrounding areas) from Jackson is 20-35 minutes depending on where you'll be.

Sunrise or Sunset? Both are amazing! My personal favorite is Sunset, but if you are visiting during the busy season Sunrise can be just as amazing (and with less people)

First time visiting the park?

Don't forget to check out the NPS website for news & updates on the park


All black and white photos in this blog are film (and some color ones too)

Want to see more film photos? Check out my all film gallery HERE

Baylee and Justin have been re-creating this image below for the last 10 years at significant events. HOW FREAKIN' cute

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