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10 Amazing Places to Elope in Utah

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

It's no secret Utah is spoiled having 5 National Parks, countless State Parks and miles & miles of BLM Land. Being a Utah Native I've been lucky enough to explore a big chunk of our state (especially in the years since I've met my husband). So why not share my favorite locations to say "I DO" ?! From the wild desert to the highest mountain's - you name it, Utah has it all!

1. Capitol Reef National Park

When it comes to playing favorites this one is right up there (jump to #4 to see my ultimate favorite National Park in the state). Capitol Reef is often skipped by tourists and that may be why it attracts me even more. If you're looking for something truly unique I suggest hitting every corner of this mysterious National Park and believe me... It won't even feel like you're in a National Park once you really get to exploring.


Don't miss the Pie at the GIfford Homestead in the park - made from scratch every day and absolutely drool worthy!

bride and groom cheering holding hands in Capitol Reef National park

2. Dead Horse Point State Park

It doesn't come to a surprise that this is popular State Park in the state. Best known for it's jaw-dropping sunsets overlooking the Colorado River and just a short drive from Moab you really can't go wrong with Eloping here. Like most of these places on the list, a permit is required and your ceremony can only be held in designated areas. After your ceremony you can explore the park and take in the views as a married couple!

Want to learn more about Eloping in Moab? Read my guide here

Bride and groom holding hands cliffside at dead horse point state park

Polaroid wedding photos on red rock

3. Bonneville Salt Flats

One of two salt flats in the world! That's right! The Bonneville Salt Flats are just a 1.5 hour drive from Salt Lake City and worth every second! It's unique landscape can make you feel like you're on another planet! In the summer you can even drive your car on the flats to get the full experience.

bride and groom popping bottle of champagne

4. Bryce Canyon National Park

My favorite National Park in Utah! I can't even count how many sunrises / sunsets I've seen here and I intend to keep it that way. Bryce Canyon will have you in awe and no doubt you'll be saying "how the heck did this get here?!" ... Ever heard of a Hoodoo? Come to Bryce and you can see the largest concentration found anywhere on Earth.

Bryce Canyon is also the highest elevation National Park in Utah. Making it an incredible experience in the winter, seeing the Hoodoo's covered in snow. And without a doubt cooling off those hot summer days. How can you go wrong?!

Interested in Eloping in Bryce? Check out more information on their website here

close of photo of couple holding hands in Bryce Canyon National park

sunflare of hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National park

5. Goblin Valley State Park

When you go to Google and type in "Goblin Valley State Park" one of the top questions is this: Is Goblin Valley State Park worth visiting? and that just made me laugh. A resounding YES is the answer to that and why would anyone ask that?!

One thing about Goblin Valley State Park is that it's very remote so it does often get skipped or missed. If you're looking for somewhere unique then Goblin Valley might be the perfect place for you to Elope! Although I haven't photographed a Elopement in the park yet, I have one planned out in my head for whoever is ready to say LET'S GO! It involves exploring Goblins for days, nearby slot canyon adventures, and staying in a Yurt!

sunset in goblin valley state park

6. Church Of Dirt, Park City

This unique location tucked away in the Park City Mountains is truly one of a kind! To reserve your wedding date & time you must first go to the location and add your name to a rock, piece of wood, or get creative and bring a handmade sign. This is meant to be left here as a way to offically reserve your spot. Don't forget to find the binder on location and add your name and phone number in the calendar provided (this helps with overlapping events). Keep in mind the road to this area usually opens mid-late May and closes mid-late October.

bride and groom holding hands in the mountains

7. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Truly one of the most special places in the state. Due to its remote location and rugged landscape, the monument was one of the last places in the continental United States to be mapped. Whatever outdoor adventure you're looking for I'm sure there is somewhere in the Monument that can fill your needs. From slot canyons, to arches, large ascend groves, and even waterfalls in the middle of desert. There's just so much to share in this special area of Utah.

If you're looking to Elope in the Staircase chances are you have already visited and fell in love. If you haven't though, contact me and I will tell you all about it!

Did I mention the best restaurant in the State is in the Grand Staircase? Do yourself a favor and don't skip out on this one: Hell's Backbone Grill

bride and groom walking hand in hand in red slot canyon

groom and bride walking away in red slot canyon, bride holding colorful flowers in her hand

8. Uinta Mountains

Although only accessible a few months out of the year, the Uinta Mountains are made for a true adventurous soul. If you like hiking, climbing, fishing, camping / backpacking this could be the place for you. The Uinta's have many lakes, streams, meadows and Alpine basins. Some areas are quite difficult to access so it's important to do your research before visiting. Find out more about the Uinta's here. Although the area is quite large you can head east from Park City and you'll hit the scenic road of "Mirror Lake Highway" this route is perfect for a day trip to experience the area and see the beauty of the area.

two brides reading vows to each other in a meadow full of wild flowers in the mountains

9. Under Canvas Moab

Who doesn't love Glamping?! Seriously though Under Canvas is a treat! Their tents are nice, you can see Arches National Park in the distance and their staff is out of this world! You can Elope here just the two of you or you can bring your friends and family and make it a party! Head to their website for more info.

More on the blog here: Under Canvas Moab Elopement

bride and groom cozying up at under canvas Moab

10. Zion National Park

Zion is Utah's first National Park and the most visited NP in the state. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Zion's color palette is my absolute favorite. It's so unique. It's not quite your typical "Red Rock" with it's massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red it's just too good miss.

Zion can be a tricky park to navigate so if you'v never been, you'll want to find someone who is familiar with the in's and out's of the park. Don't let that scare you away! It's really a special place, full of history, beauty and is a great location to Elope!

bride and groom holding hands in a open area with desert mountain behind them

Utah Elopement Photographer

I've been in your shoes before - coming from a 2020 bride myself I know how you're feeling planning your big day and I would love to see if we're a good fit.


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