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5 Reasons Why you should Elope in Moab

5 Reasons Why you should elope in Moab Utah

Moab, Utah - Home to not one, but TWO National Parks, one State Park, miles and miles of BLM land, hiking trails, rock climbing, jeeping, mountain biking and more. Needless to say If you’re here there’s no doubt you LOVE the outdoors (YAY!)

Moab, Utah National Parks:

Moab is often refered to as the Gateway to Adenture. If you're looking for a location to get outdoors and connect with nature Moab might be at the top of your list! If you've never been to Moab just the scenic drives alone will blow your mind. Let's dive deeper into the top 5 reasons why Moab makes a great location to elope. And if you stay until the end of the blog I will also share some of my favorite locations in Moab!

1.Stunning Red Rock Landscape: Moab is renowned for its otherworldly red rock formations, arches, and canyons. The dramatic and diverse landscape provides a stunning backdrop for elopements, creating a unique setting for your special day. People travel from all over the world to visit Delicate Arch, see sunset at Deadhorse Point and have once in a lifetime experience.

2. Adventure and Outdoor Activities: Moab is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. If you and your partner enjoy adventure, you can incorporate activities like hiking, rock climbing, or even a scenic helicoptor ride for your elopement experience, adding an extra element of excitement and bonding. I've even had a couples go sky diving the morning of their elopement.

3. The best photos ever: For couples seeking unique and breathtaking wedding photos, Moab offers unparalleled opportunities. As a Moab Wedding Photographer I'm familiar with the area and can can guarentee to capture the landscape with the couple to create some really amazing photos! At least once during your Elopement I will steal your wedding rings, flowers, details etc. and just have you sit back and enjoy the view.

bride and groom kissing while brides veil flys in the wind

4. Less stressful: Eloping often translates to a more stress-free and straightforward planning process. Moab's elopement-friendly atmosphere, coupled with a variety of professional services available in the area, can make the logistics of your wedding more manageable. Wheather you choose a National Park, State Park or BLM land planning the logistics and getting a permit is a piece of cake! All you have to do is add in your own personal touches to make the day feel like you.

5. Intimate and Private Settings: Moab offers a multitude of secluded and less-traveled locations, allowing you to have a more intimate and private ceremony. Whether it's exchanging vows at a hidden arch or in a quiet canyon, eloping in Moab provides a sense of exclusivity. And if you want to learn more about hidden gems and locations in Moab you can hire me as your wedding photographer. One of the first steps after you book with me is to take a deep dive into choosing your wedding and photo locations. I provide a customized Moab Location Guide privately to all of my couples. This guide includes permited locations, logistics, and of course, photos of the locations!


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