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Bonneville Salt Flats Elopement | Stuart + Catie

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Simplistic Elopement at the

Boneville Salt Flats, Utah

I'm so excited to share this Elopement with you all today. Stuart and Caties ceremony was just the two of them and one friend as their witness. Their heartfelt vows had all of us tearing up! You'll see in the photos below that Stuart is barefoot during the ceremony - he explained to us that it was important to him to feel the earth at this special moment. Check out the photos for yourself below

Interested in seeing more wedding photos? Check out my full gallery here:


The Salt Flats are always changing with the seasons. No doubt the best time to get the full experience at this location is late May - October. If you decide to visit or elope in the "off season" or what we call "wet season" you may run into flooding. Flooding can also be very pretty, but you won't be able to drive on the flats, and you'll have to decide if you're OK getting your feet wet.

Keep in mind it just depends on the amount of snow and rainfall. I personally prefer and recommend eloping at this location when its dry and the main reason why? Because you can drive your car out in to the middle and it will feel like you're all alone in this massive salt plain. Plus it's just fun - am I right?! My main rule of thumb is this: if I see other cars driving on the flats then it's safe for me to drive on them, but be careful! If you don't see anyone there is most likely a high risk at getting stuck out there!

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