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Goblin Valley State Park, Utah Adventure Session | Flannery + Hendrik

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah Photographer

When Flannery and Hendrik first contacted me to book me as their wedding photographer they mentioned that they had a special place they wanted to take Engagement style photos. I was thrilled to find out that location was Goblin Valley State park!

Story Time: We actually had a Yurt book (which is really popular and hard to book) and just 3 days before our planned staycation we (my then boyfriend and I) found out we a house we put a offer on accepted and we had to cancel our reservation. We've had Goblin Valley on our list for a adventure for years and still didn't make it there. So naturally when it came time for this session my hubby tagged along and we had a blast checking out the Goblins with these two - they got to be our tour guides!

This session was actually in January and we froze our BUTTS off, but you can barely tell in the photos. BONUS: we had the whole park to ourselves. We only saw a handful of people and it was epic. We're already planning our second trip there.. maybe in the spring or fall this time LOL

This blog is a mix of digital and film photos - ENJOY

Interested in visiting Goblin Valley State Park?

Things to Know Before You Go:
  • There is a $20 per car entrance fee unless you have a Utah States Park Pass

  • Plan on bringing your own food and filling up on gas before you arrive OR visit the nearby town Hanskville for food & gas

  • Camping and Yurts are available to book in advance - Book your stay <<HERE>>

Utah Elopement Location Ideas

Love Goblin Valley as much as I do?! Not so shocking it even made my list of "10 Amazing Places to Elope in Utah" it's just THAT good!

Utah Photography Coverage

You can contact me <HERE>> to learn more about wedding, elopement and adventure session photography coverage. I'm excited to hear from you!

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