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Bryce Canyon National Park Adventure Session | Jeremiah and Hillary

Updated: May 9, 2021

Jeremiah + Hillary love to document their adventures so when they started planning their epic Utah Road Trip they reached out to me and asked for my advice. I sent them a few photos of different location ideas and ends up they picked my favorite place - Bryce Canyon National Park!

The week before their trip we had a big snow storm in the Park and I had no idea what the weather would actually be like on the day we had planned... We met in the dark just before sunrise and headed to the trail with a pocket full of hand warmers. Can you believe from the photos below that it was a whopping 19 degrees? BRRR !

When we were done shooting they spent the rest hiking around the park and set off on their Road Trip... I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty jealous! Next time I'm coming to you guys in Georgia where it's much much warmer!

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