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Salt Flats Anniversary Session | Jess + Marcus

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

bride and groom popping a bottle of champagne

Marcus + Jess Anniversary Session at the Bonneville Salt Flats!

What better way to celebrate your anniversary then to get all dressed up, pop a bottle of champagne, and run around this wild place in the middle of no where Utah!

We headed out to the Salt Flat with this beautiful bouquet in hand by the amazing Alexa from Lilly and Iris - The weather was a little iffy this day and on the 1.5 hr drive from Salt Lake City it was even snowing. Right when we arrived the clouds seemed to part and even though we all froze our butts off (especially Jess .. sorry JESS!) there was magical layer of water making for a even more magical reflection on the ground!

Pink toned bridal bouquet

Huge shout out to all of these amazing vendors involved!




bride and groom wedding portrait

bride and groom with wedding bouquet

bride and groom at the bonneville salt flats

bride in wedding jumpsuit holding wedding bouquet

Marcus + Jess
Q & A

Q: How did you guys meet? Was it love at first sight?

A: We met through a mutual friend. Marcus and I began as friends and later turned romantic

Q: First date? A: Our first date was at the macaroni grill

Q: Favorite adventure, trip, hike, vacation you've ever been on together?

A: Our first trip out of the country together was for my best friends wedding. It was so fun to see Marcus experience traveling and another country. We had a great time. We went to England

Q: Favorite memory from your wedding day?

A: My favorite memory is getting to say I do in front of all our loved ones. The mariachi band we had was also a highlight. Q: Best part about being married?

A: Having someone to enjoy life with and share great experiences

Q: Go to date night?

A: We love a great new restaurant where we can sit and chat. We both are big foodie and love good food and drinks Q: Tell us about your little fam A: We have two girls 2 and 7 and 3 dogs we are a big family! Q: If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation where would it be?

A: Marcus has never been to Bali. We always talk about going there together. Bali is such a magical place. Q: Marcus, what's your absolute favorite thing about Jess?

A: Marcus says that his favorite thing about me is my fiercy personality.

Q: And Jess, what do you love about Marcus?

A: I love that Marcus is always making me laugh! Laughter is a huge part of our love story

PIECE OF ADVICE FROM THE COUPLE Always be honest with one another and have an open communication. Marcus and I discuss everything together. Talk to your partner and express any concern and show your partner that you love them. We also always make sure to make time for ourselves. That is Key.

polaroid photo of wedding bouquet

polaroid photo of bride

bride smiling with bridal bouquet

bride and groom at the salt flats in utah

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bride and groom holding hands running together

bride and groom laughing together

salt flats wedding

bride and groom at the salt flats

bride and groom popping a bottle of champagne

bride and groom popping a bottle of champagne

bonneville salt flats wedding

colorful wedding bouquet

Polaroid photo of wedding couple

wedding couple at the salt flats

Interested in booking an Anniversary Session like this one with me?


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