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50 Freakin' Awesome Things to Do on your Elopement Day

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Things to Do on your Elopement Day

50 Things to do on your elopement day

Running away to Vegas to elope is a thing of the past.. now a days Elopements are SO MUCH MORE. Don't get me wrong can still go to Vegas, but it better include hitting the strip in a vintage car for a photo op and a helicopter ride or taking a road trip to Palm Springs!

Not sure what activities to include to make your Elopement Day Freakin' Awesome?! Check out the list of things to do on your elopement day I made below to see if there's anything you might want to include.


The items in << BOLD BLUE font like this >> are actual activities that me and my husband did on our very own Elopement day!

  1. Get ready together

  2. Have your dog sign your marriage license (if you live in a self solemnization state like Colorado!)

  3. Buy a newspaper from the date of your elopement

  4. If you’re at a National Park go to the visitor center and get a “Passport Stamp” with the date / location of your Elopement

  5. Take a Helicopter ride overlooking your ceremony location

  6. Go kayaking or paddle boarding

  7. Eat donuts!

  8. Plan a multi day backpacking trip in your favorite place with your best friends

  9. Go skinny dipping ... YOLO

  10. Go on an epic road trip

  11. Rock climbing

  12. Make breakfast together

  13. Grab a few disposable cameras and document your day through your eyes

  14. Rent a jeep and go on a bad ass adventure

  15. Rent a hot air balloon

  16. Have a first dance in the middle of nowhere

  17. Visit a place you’ve never been before

  18. Exchange gifts - make it romantic or silly!

  19. Go camping…

  20. And have a bonfire!

  21. Build the perfect charcuterie board with each other

  22. Write your own vows the morning of your elopement

  23. Go back to the place you had your first date

  24. Surprise your spouse with letters from their best friends

  25. Go stargazing

  26. Plant a tree or flowers

  27. Get matching tattoos

  28. Eat literally any kind of dessert! Hint: it doesn’t have to be cake!

  29. Unplug and be present - no phones for one whole day baby!

  30. Go skydiving!

  31. Pop that champagne

  32. Get up early and watch the sunrise together

  33. Soak in a hotspring

  34. Have a first look

  35. Or don’t have a first look ;)

  36. Laugh so hard your sides hurt

  37. Rent a vintage car and go for a drive!

  38. and then go see The General Sherman Tree - the world's largest tree

  39. Make a playlist of your favorite songs to play throughout the day

  40. Have a snowball fight

  41. Don’t really planned, but fingers crossed you’ll see wildlife on your wedding day

  42. Cuddle with your dog (DUH)

  43. Get your dress dirty!


Moose signing his mom and dads marriage license in Colorado

Things to Do on your Elopement Day



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