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The Ultimate Elopement Checklist

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Elopement Checklist

your ultimate Elopement Planning Checklist

Planning an elopement wedding can be an exciting and intimate way to celebrate your love. Here's a checklist of ideas to make your elopement wedding truly special:

1. Choose a Dream Location: Selecting a location can be one of the hardest parts of Elopement planning. I suggest picking one of these two options:

One: Select a location that holds personal significance for both of you for your Elopement.

Two: Select a location you've never been to together and make it your new special place! Whether it's a scenic mountaintop, a cliff in the desert, a charming city, or a remote forest.

If you're considering Eloping in Utah check out these resources below:

2. Hire a Photographer: UM HELLO! Document your special day with a talented photographer who can capture the magic of your elopement.

3. Write Personal Vows: Take the time to write heartfelt and personalized vows to share with your partner during the ceremony.

Elopement Planning Checklist

4. Meaningful Symbolism: Incorporate meaningful symbols, rituals, or customs that reflect your relationship or heritage.

5. Intimate Guest List: Invite a select few loved ones to witness your special day or keep it entirely private with just the two of you.

6. Unique Attire: Choose wedding attire that suits your location and style. It could be a traditional gown and tuxedo, a more casual outfit, or something entirely unconventional.

7. Adventure Elopement: Plan an adventurous elopement with activities such as hiking, camping, or even skydiving to make it even more unforgettable.

8. Personalized Decor: Bring small, meaningful decorations with you to enhance your chosen setting. This could be floral arrangements, candles, or other items that reflect your personalities.

9. Meaningful Ceremony: Create a ceremony that resonates with you, whether it's a traditional exchange of vows or a unique, personalized ritual.

10. Food and Drinks: My go to here is champagne and cupcakes or a small cake. And if you don't drink alcohol bring your favorite non-alcoholic drink, mocktail or even something like a Topo Chico!

Places to Elope in Utah

11. Capture the Moment: Consider video recording the ceremony yourself or hiring a videographer to capture the day.

12. Exchange Rings: Don't forget to exchange rings as a symbol of your commitment.

13. Sunset or Sunrise: Time your elopement to coincide with a beautiful sunset or sunrise for added romance. Bonus: opt to have split coverage with me as your photographer and you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset!

14. Adventure Honeymoon: Extend your elopement by turning it into an adventure honeymoon in the same location or nearby, exploring the surroundings and creating more lasting memories. I mean, let's go to Iceland OKAY?

15. Unplug and Disconnect: At my Elopement I had a very strict "NO PHONE ZONE" rule for our 10 guests and it was the vest choice I ever made. Besides marrying my best friend of course. Consider turning off your devices to be fully present in the moment and with each other.

16. Legal Requirements: Ensure you fulfill all legal requirements for your marriage, whether it's obtaining a marriage license or having a registered officiant.

17. Share the News: After your elopement, announce your marriage to friends and family in a memorable way, whether through a video message, a creative postcard, or an intimate gathering.

18. Personal Touches: Add personal touches to your elopement that reflect your story, such as a timeline of your relationship or a scrapbook.

19. Romantic Music: Include your favorite songs or live music to create a magical atmosphere during the ceremony.

20. Plan for the Unexpected: Be prepared for changing weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances and stay flexible in your plans.

Remember that your elopement is all about celebrating your love in a way that feels authentic to you and your partner. So, make sure to plan a day that reflects your unique story and relationship.

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Mountain Elopement Locations in Utah

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