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Uinta Mountain Elopement | Esther + Tyler

Uinta Mountain - Mirror Lake Highway Elopement

When Esther and Tyler first contacted me they had a date set (June First), but still needed help deciding on the location. We discussed our options near Salt Lake City and they both mentioned the Uintas would be their top choice, but we all knew that we would have to have a strong backup plan because the road to the Uintas often opens just day's before their wedding date they chose.

So for their wedding we basically had two plans in motion. Luckily, we found out just 5 days before their wedding that the road Mirror Lake Highway was opening! YAY! I was able to go scouting on May 27th to finalize their timeline, and find the exact ceremony location. These two invited two of their best friends, who also officiated the wedding.

This blog is a mix of digital and film images - shoutout to these vendors who made this day magical:

The Find Lab

The Petal Coop

Tulie Bakery

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